Best Essential Oils For Women Health

Knowing About the Essential Oils For Women Health

 Best Essential Oils For Women Health

Women have to go through a lot. Not only do they have to take care of their professional life they have to take care of their homes as well.

Trying to keep up with all of the responsibilities prevents women from taking care of their own self.

This leads to them falling ill and them falling ill ends up crashing the system they have in place for their home and workplace. So, in order for women to take care of their health they need to make use of essential oils.

Essential oils play a very important role in adding health to your life. They help incorporate soundness at both the physical and mental level.

Natural remedies, like essential oils are also helpful in reducing stress and allow the body to relax.

This article will help you to find answers to a number of questions like: What are essential oils? What are the uses of such oils? How to use them? What are the best essential oils for women health? And much more!

Essential Oils – Aromatherapy

The oils which are extracted from aromatic plants and found in different parts of flora like flowers, berries, leaves, twigs, bark, rind of the fruit and seeds.

The expression “Essential oil” is a new short form of “quintessential oil” that go back to the Aristotelian idea of matter.

The idea says that matter is made up of four basic components, air, water, fire and earth. Quintessence is the fifth element that is the soul, spirit or life force of matter.

In this regard, life is being extracted from plants by performing processes like evaporation and distillation. What we are left, after such procedures, is an “Essential oil”.

Through the use of essential oils you can get rid of pain because these oils help to relax the exhausted body of women. They give them a feeling of calmness, wholesomeness, and relieve stress.

Best Essential Oils For Women’s Health

The natural remedies are the best way to improve your health. So, the use of essential oils is the path you should opt for. These oils can be used to treat different health issues.

Here are some best essential oils for women to improve health.

Clary Sage Oil

It contains 50% of Omega 3 ALA and 50% of other substances like vitamin A, all series of vitamin B, anti-bacterial components, Q10, antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties.

It can relax the muscles and is best used as an anti-depressant. It is the most preferred oil because people belonging to all age groups can use it. It is 100% natural. So, there is no risk that it may contain heavy chemical or toxins, etc.

Sandalwood Oil

If you want to have a sense of calmness and peace of mind in your life, sandalwood oil helps you to achieve this aim.

Its overwhelming scent has an amazing effect of calmness on women’s health. This oil, with its wonderful aroma, is perfect for the betterment of hormonal cycles and the libido as well.

Thyme Oil

It brings improvement in the production of progesterone and ultimately saves women from anxiety, depression and stress. It also calms the nervous system.

Amber Oil

Younger women have an option to go for amber oil if they want hormonal balance and harmony in their body.

It gives the best results when it is blended with other oils like sandalwood, lavender or bergamot, etc. Just a few drops of amber oil can cure many skin complaints as well.

Basil Oil

If you are exhausted and have a persistent hectic routine then making use of basil oil is the best options you have. It will allow your body to distress in no time.

Chamomile Blue Oil

It is rightly called as an antispasmodic, antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant and antiphlogistic. It improves skin health and gives rise to a soothing and calming effect in body.

Lime Oil

It is prepared with the pure natural peel of lime through the process of cold-pressing. Women use it for various skin treatments.

It also helps to cure certain a number of infections. Viral infections like common cold, measles, mumps and pox, etc. can be treated with the lime essential oil.

Rosemary Oil

If you want to have long hair, you should use Rosemary essential oil because it promotes excellent hair growth.

Even dandruff can be cured with the help of rosemary oil. It has other benefits as well, such as helping the body to feel relaxed.

Palmarosa Oil

Few drops of palmarosa oil will defend your body from certain bacterial attacks. It improves skin and mental health by adding vitality to life.

It maintains the moisture balance throughout your body therefore; you will be saved from inflammation and dehydration.

Myrrh Oil

It is the best gift from Mother Nature that comes from the tree called Commiphora Myrrh. Its sensational fragrance will have an effected throughout your body.

It helps to relieve stress and relax your mind. Sometimes it is even used in food for flavoring. It is an antiseptic, quickly healing wounds.

It is used to treat hay fever as well. A few drops of myrrh essential oil can cause bleeding to stop.

Different ways to use essential oils

There are multiple ways to use essential oils.

  • Directly apply it on the skin.
  • Take a warm bath by adding few drops of essential oil in the water.
  • Make a blend of oil and lotion and apply it on the desired part of your body.
  • Use it with an oil burner.
  • Add a few drops of oil in a steaming bowl and inhale it.
  • Add oil in room sprays.
  • Apply oil on lavender and use it for the healing of burns, wounds, stings and stretches.
  • Apply oil on candles and let them burn while eating dinner.
  • Diffusers can also be used for essential oils to evaporate on the rate you want.
  • It can be used in some food recipes a well for health benefits as well as for adding flavor.

Tips and Precautions

  • Be cautious when using oils, the undiluted kind, on your skin.
  • Don’t keep oils in extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t leave your oils with open lids.
  • Don’t heat up your oils.
  • Direct sunlight can cause harm if you use oil under intense sunlight or leave them outside.
  • Oils can be used on the neck, head, arms, legs or stomach but you should never put oils in your ears, eyes or nose.

So, go ahead and make use of these essential oils and reap the benefits they offer.

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