Losing Weight While Pregnant

Losing Weight While Pregnant

First of all, congratulations for this great new beginning of your life. You are carrying a bundle of joy. However, you look a bit worried about your increasing pregnancy weight. Friend, gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. In fact, weight gain during pregnancy is a good symptom. It assures that the child is developing properly. Even doctors don’t bother the sudden surge in the weight of a pregnant woman that much. However, weight gain has to be healthy. If you are gaining weight strangely during this time, you have to consult your gynaecologist immediately. Please bear in mind that excessive weight gain is never very welcoming. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should never let yourself put on excess weight.

Although seeking help from your health supervisor should be your first priority, you can try a few things during your 9 month period to keep your weight in control. The whole 9 month period of pregnancy is so delicate that you can’t take any risk with your health. Besides, you can’t also follow the normal dieting procedures during pregnancy. Yes, it’s true that you feel excessively hungry during this time. You feel like eating most of the time.

Still you have to restrict the urge to the healthy foods only. Common sense says that foods that do not increase the chances of weight gain should be your first choice. Forget about using the dietary supplements during this time. The chemical composition of the dietary supplements may not be suitable for you in this type of situation. As lots of things, like massive hormonal changes take place in your body now, you need to keep an eye on what you put in your body. Changing eating pattern is extremely important. Dietary supplements are made of different herbs that can create negative reactions in your body. In all, you can’t take any risk at the present situation of yours. So what are you left with?

Don’t worry, you have options that can help you stay fit and in shape, despite the fact that pregnancy forces a woman’s body to put on weight easily. Dieting is almost impossible. Both you and your baby need nutrition. You need nutrition to tolerate all the sudden changes in your body. Your baby needs nutrition for proper development. Ok, so what can be done to lose weight while you are pregnant?

Try Exercises Designed for Pregnant Women

Exercises, which have been developed and designed keeping the health situation of pregnant women in mind, should help you lose your weight. Any exercises during pregnancy has to be carried under the guidance of the medical supervisors. You have to do that for your own safety. The term weight loss sounds a bit odd during pregnancy. Let’s mention it in another way – we will call it weight management. You have to learn a few physical activities that will help you manage your weight when you are pregnant.

There are a couple of things that you would like to make a note of. If you were already exercising before getting pregnant, you can continue now as well. Exercise increases muscle flexibility and will help you manage back pain, which is a common symptom of pregnancy. You can do exercises like swimming, dancing and walking. However, don’t involve in any such physical activities that put you and your child health in danger. Don’t over-stress your body and muscles. Do it as if you are enjoying the activity. Yoga is definitely a good option in this case. Try prenatal yoga. Don’t worry. You will get lots training videos on prenatal yoga. You also have the option of taking training under the professionals. Yoga always has been a best natural method of losing weight.

Losing Weight While Pregnant

Increase the Frequency of Eating, but don’t Overeat

During pregnancy, controlling the food urge appears as a big challenge. You have to be very choosy about food this time if you want to manage weight while you are pregnant. No high calorie food or no sugary items. Many people have a very wrong belief about diet during pregnancy. They say you have to eat twice of your normal diet. There is no hard and fast rule like that. It’s just they mean to say that there should not be any nutritional deficiency. Inside your womb, the child grows rapidly. Your child’s development rate is too high during this time. This is why most people believe that nutritional deficiency can harm your child’s growth. Actually, it’s right. But that does not mean that you have to eat twice of your normal diet. Eat frequently instead of eating excessively.

There are lots of controversies surrounding whether you should go for dieting during pregnancy. According to a special report released by one of the reputed medical organizations from the UK, women can manage their weight with the help of healthy eating throughout pregnancy. However, most medical professionals do not advocate the idea of dieting during pregnancy. It’s advisable to get rid of the maximum weight before you conceive. If you didn’t do that, you still can manage your weight after getting pregnant. Controlled eating does not cause any harm unless it interrupts your baby’s normal growth.

Never keep yourself hungry. When you will eat frequently, you will eat less. This is very important for keeping your weight in control. The basic idea that works behind this action is reducing your hunger intensity. So never let yourself get too much hungry. Keep your hunger level in control. The power of controlling your hunger tendency lies in your hand of course. You can’t take risks with your and your child’s health. So eat homemade foods only. The trick is keeping your stomach full.

So eat foods that will take time to digest. If before getting pregnant you were a great fan of processed foods, it’s time to change. High calorie and sodium rich processed foods may taste delicious, but they are just worthless when it comes to providing nutritional elements. The processed foods can never replace the fresh fruits and foods made from fresh vegetables. Although you will feel an extreme craving for ice creams this time, you should always go for the healthiest options.

Go to a good grocery shop and ask for fat free ice creams. Nowadays, we have options like less calorie ice creams or fat free ice creams. So enjoy foods without putting your health into too much risk. Set a goal for yourself. You have to understand that if you put on too much weight during your pregnancy, you may have to face unexpected health problems even after delivery.Losing Weight While Pregnant

So eat fresh foods and foods that do not contain too much calories. Why to store fat inside your body unnecessarily when you can’t do any extensive workouts now to get rid of them? Eat foods made with whole wheat. Another way to keep your stomach full is eating oatmeal with blueberries. You can sweeten the blueberries using brown sugar. Add egg to your daily breakfast. Don’t eat carbohydrate rich foods or fatty foods, and you are good to go. If you can manage your weight during this critical phase, you will be able to shed off the extra pregnancy weight after delivery easily.

However, the pregnant belly shape differs from person to person. You should not be worried about that. If you were overweight or obese, and then you got pregnant suddenly, you have to ask the help of your health supervisor. He/she will describe you the controlled weight loss processes. However, in that case your whole weight loss regimen will be taken care by your doctor.

You should always try to maintain a healthy weight during the whole pregnancy period. If you can keep your weight in control, you will see how easy it will be delivering the child. The problems like back ache will be manageable. Yes, by maintaining a healthy weight, you can ease childbirth and will recover fast. So, if you have already become overweight, try to lower it down before it becomes too hard to manage.

Help your taste buds to get habitual of healthy eating. As continuing hard exercises is not possible now, consider modifying your diet habit. For example, experts suggest that eat balanced food when you are pregnant. Eat foods that will keep your stomach full for longer hours. If you are a working professional, you might like to take fruits with you. Fruits are incredible sources of healthy nutrients and vitamins. Besides, increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Fiber can help you keep your stomach busy. Green vegetables are good sources of fibers.

One evergreen process of losing weight is drinking lots of water. You can continue this method even if you are pregnant. Drinking water will keep you away from problems like dehydration. This is also a good option for reducing water weight. If you are already habitual of drinking lots of water, continue it for lifelong. Water will help your body to burn the fat quickly. If you eat less, eat healthy and continue doing yoga, managing the weight during pregnancy won’t be a big deal for you.

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