Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus

Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus review

Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus

For those who have occasional or chronic foot pain, a foot massager is one recommendation that they may often be given.

However, when looking at the market, there are numerous foot massagers to purchase.

They all have something about them that makes them appealing, and when this is the case, it can be hard to decide about which foot massager you are going to want to utilize.

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is one of the foot massagers on the market, that receives relatively high ratings from those who have tried it.

Thus, it is a great consideration for those who are looking to get relief from their painful muscles!

Product Highlights

For those who are interested in the Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus, they are going to find that there are several highlights about the product that make it of interest to those who need a high-quality massager. These highlights include:

  • A 2-speed motor that is commercial grade
  • The design is completely maintenance free
  • The entire unit is encompassed in thermoplastic to ensure that this stands the time of time
  • The inner construction of the unit is steel
  • Each unit goes through a 10-point inspection to ensure performance for consumers
  • Vibrates and osculates for performance
  • Operates quietly

The only problem with learning the highlights of this product is that there are so many others out there that are super similar to this one product.

That is why you must take into consideration other reviews, weight of the items and the quality that is found when using this!

Product Dimensions

It is estimated that the product weights around 13.4 pounds, which is relatively heavier than other massagers on the market.

Thus, if weight is something that you are concerned with, be aware of what the Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus entails. The other dimensions include:

  • 18 x 12 x 12 inches

The size itself is not monstrous by any means. It could easily slide into a closet when not in use.

While other massagers on the market may be able to slide underneath furniture, the way in which this unit is made, this is going to be nearly impossible.

Quality of Product Highlights

There are several product highlights that were seen with this massager, and it is important that a person look at all of these characteristics to determine if this is the foot massager for you.


Performance wise, the Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is offering performance that not only vibrates but includes oscillating plate to more comfortable fit the feet.

This is a huge plus! the angle as to which the plate is fixed ensures maximum comfort for those who are using it.

It allows the weight of the body to naturally press the weight onto the plate, which is going to result in a firmer connection to the vibrations.

These vibrations have been shown to increase the blood flow to the feet, help with nerve issues in the feet and overall help with pain.

Thus, when it comes to performance, most people are more than happy with the end results.

2 Speed Motor

The 2-speed motor is standard for massagers that are on the market. Most people found that these 2 speeds were more than enough to give them the pain relief that they were seeking. There is the low and high setting.

It is recommended that a person start with the low setting to ensure that this is not too much.

In fact, many people find that the low setting is more than enough and feel no need to go higher. The low setting is better for those with sensitive feet than the high setting.


One of the most common complaints that is seen with foot massagers on the market is that they are very noisy.

In fact, many people find that massagers tend to interfere with everyday activities such as watching television or the like.

However, from the numerous reviews about the Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus, the noise level is not an issue.

Most users say that they do not find any interference with holding conversations, or even watching television while using this product. A huge plus!

Inspection Process and Construction

The 10-point inspection process and the rigged construction of this massager lets people have more comfort in the product they are purchasing.

This process ensures the quality of each and every massager that leaves the company, so people feel they are truly getting their money’s worth with this massager!

Positives of the Product

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus is one of the more quality massagers on the market, according to those reviews that can be found online.

Some of the more positives aspects pointed out about this product include:

  • The vibrations are nice, but not too intense to cause pain
  • Plate is rather large so it could accommodate larger feet sizes with ease
  • The sound level of the unit is not loud at all, as it does not cause any distractions
  • Sturdy, after having this for several months using daily, many people say it is still working

Negatives of the Product

As with every product, there are things that people point out as being disadvantages to using this product. These negatives included:

  • Many people say that the vibrations are not massaging, or is not what they intended a massager to offer
  • The rubber feet do not hold the massager in place as they are advertised to do, making the machine move while vibrations are turned on
  • Many people complaint about the warranty period that is nonexistent

This is a fairly expensive unit. Sold from third party sellers via Amazon, it ranges from $250 and up.

So, is the Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus worth your time? For many it has cured many of the leg and foot issues they have had.

And this is one of the units on the market that offers vibrations and a large foot plate, especially for those with larger feet. So, yes, it is a massager to put onto your short list of purchases.

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