Top antiviral herbs! Why does one require antiviral herbs in the first place?

Changing weather is the time of the year when many people fall ill. This is due to the fact that during this time of the year viruses tend to thrive on almost everything.

People end up with a cold, cough, flu, fever, irritation, a runny nose, and loads of other issues. In order to solve these problems people tend to take over-the-counter medications and antibiotics.

However you might have noticed that most of these antibiotics don’t have a very effective impact on your condition and flu (or other ailment) just doesn’t go away. Well, this is because there is a major difference between viruses and bacteria.

Bacteria can survive on its own whereas a virus requires a host body, preferably a human cell, in order to survive. Now, the thing is that you can destroy bacteria without inflicting any sort of harm to the human cells.

However, destroying a virus can be a lot trickier since you don’t want to damage the cell but yet still want to destroy the microorganism. There are anti-viral medications available but it can also cause a person to suffer from side effects.

This is where antiviral herbs come in handy. These herbs are the only things that have an effect on viruses without giving rise to side effects.

Using herbs is a safer method of tackling these viruses. You can treat a variety of viral infections with these herbs and can use them as a precautionary measure as well. However, you must use these herbs in the correct way if you wish to attain good results.

These herbs can be easily found, most of them are even present in your kitchen!

Some antiviral herbs you should know of and how to use them:



For a long time, ginger was considered to be a great herb that was used for warming up the body and preventing the temperature of the stomach from dropping and causing discomfort.

It also helped in preventing nausea as well. A lot of people continue to drink cold water even during winter.

If you happen to consume a lot of cold water during water then it could cause chilling of the stomach, therefore ginger can used to treat such a condition.

Over the years it has come to the notice of researchers that ginger is a herb that can be used as an antiviral remedy as well.

Ginger actually has antiviral properties that can be used for treating different infections including strep throat, cold and coughs as well! Plus ginger is actually very easy to use. You can make yourself some ginger tea.

Just boil some pieces of ginger in hot water and then add some honey into it. This will mellow down the tanginess. And since honey is also good at fighting off germs you get dual benefit from these two ingredients.

Ginger tea is great for treating coughs and cold. You can even suck on some pieces of ginger. If the tanginess is too much for you then boil some pieces in sugar syrup and let it dry.

Once dried you’ll have your very own ginger candies that you can carry around with you easily to help ward of viral infections.



Another great antiviral herb that is most likely to be present in your kitchen is garlic. This herb has many benefits and can be used both internally and externally. It not only has antiviral properties but also has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well.

What you can do is consume a garlic clove early in the morning when you wake up. This is very beneficial as it provides a lot of healing properties.

Also chewing on a garlic clove is great for oral health problems and viruses as well. Include garlic in your everyday meals, especially if you plan on making chicken soup. Garlic and chicken soup are the perfect combinations for fighting of the flu or cold.



Elderberry, also known as the Sambucus nigra, is a black colored antiviral herb that is usually used for treating influenza virus. The best part about this herb is that it has properties which actually spread through living cells and helps in recovering faster.

Elderberry is said to contain flavonoids that include quercetin, and these tend to have therapeutic properties.

Elderberry is filled with some of the most powerful antioxidants that protect cells from further damage and helps in fighting against viruses and also against HIV as well.

You can consume Elderberry by making its herbal tea or a concoction. This herb is safe to use. You can plant it in your backyard and use it for making your tea whenever you feel like it.

However, do make sure to take only the black ripe berries and boil them in a couple of cups of water.  You can even add some honey along with some basil and ginger to give it a good taste and make it more potent.

Elderberry supplements are also available but most people prefer using it in its natural form in order to obtain more benefits.

green tea for Inflammation

Green Tea

Green tea, also known as Camellia sinensis, is considered to be one of the best herbs for treating a variety of diseases. It not only provides one with different benefits like weight loss, an improved immunity system, and anti-aging properties but also helps in the fighting off different viruses as well.

Green tea consists of flavonoids called catechins; these catechins combine with the haemagglutinin present in one’s body and prevent viruses from entering the cells.

Green tea extracts are great for preventing and treating different viruses. Researchers have used them in their treatments for HIV and hepatitis B. Drinking green tea is beneficial for your health.

It will also allow you to stay calm. You can use it in the form of tea bags or you can even use the leaves. Boil it in a cup of water and drink it without adding any sugar. You can even drink it cold as well.

Using antiviral herbs is a great way of treating your illness without having to do much. These top antiviral herbs are readily available and are easy to consume. You can reap a lot of benefits from these herbs and can maintain your health easily.

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