treadmill workout

Treadmill Workouts to Burn Fat That Really Challenge You and Work Tremendously

treadmill workout

Though you may not recognize it, treadmill workouts to burn fat really work quite well. We tend to think of the treadmill as the one thing in the gym that is comfortable and stable, particularly when we are just starting out.

The reality is however that this one single piece of equipment can really help you in your quest to burn fat, shed the weight, and ultimately change your body forever.

You do need to be sure that your approach to the treadmill works well. If it is fat burning that you are after then you are going to really have to push yourself and feel the challenge to get to long term results. Not only does this mean that you have to look at this piece of equipment in a new way, but you are constantly going to have to work harder and find new ways of increasing the intensity.

You do want to consider other methods as well because variety is important in your quest to lose weight and burn fat. Treadmill workouts to burn fat can be wonderful but you should also be sure to try out other workouts as well. You need different forms of cardio to help keep the intensity up and keep yourself motivated. Your mind and your body should always be left to guess as variety will help to speed things up.

You also need to be sure to incorporate some strength training as that will help tremendously. You can add some weight on the treadmill directly for a nice effect, but you can also kick things into high gear with some weight training on the side. If you make treadmill workouts to burn fat the main staple and then add in a few other factors, then is going to take you to new levels and really help you to get your results faster and more effectively.

Start Slow and Build Your Way Up

It’s important when you look at treadmill workouts to burn fat or in working out at all that you start slowly and build your way up. This not only helps you to stay motivated and to avoid injury, but it gives you a starting point. If you start out too strong you can get hurt, you can lose motivation or focus, or you may not end up liking the treadmill so much.

Try to aim for a goal like 20 minutes at first and then work your way up from there. Moving towards progression is always a great way to ensure that these workouts are ones that you will stick with and that your body will begin to respond to after awhile.

Increase the Incline , Speed, and the Intensity As You Progress

As you get used to the treadmill and really star to enjoy these workouts you want to take it up a notch. So begin by going from running to some short but effective intervals of light jogging. Perhaps consider trying something like four minutes of faster walking and then one minute of jogging, and then take it up from there. These intervals and short bursts of running mixed in can help to keep you motivated and going strong.

treadmill workout

You begin to see that if you can take on a minute of running here or there without any problems that you can handle more and more moving forward. You then build confidence and suddenly want to start adding more intensity as you can.

It’s about speed first and foremost, but other factors as well. The more intense that you can make things as you progress the more that you will find that treadmill workouts to burn fat can really work for you and begin to become your main staple within working out overall.

You also want to look at the incline of the treadmill as that can play an important factor. Take things up to a whole new level by moving up an incline level so that you are walking uphill almost constantly.

This really gets your legs into the act as you have to move harder and faster to make it up the incline. It also gets your arms in on it as you have to swing them faster to keep up with things. You will really feel these workouts because more speed or an increased incline will take you to greater heights and get you results much faster.

Then you want to think about how to incorporate the two for a truly powerful combination. Treadmill workouts to burn fat work through the two factors combined into two so you are going for speed and intensity.

Perhaps you begin to add more jogging time or you take it up to a full fledged running workout. Then you consider how much more of an incline you can handle as it takes so much more out of you. The bottom line is that you are always looking for new ways to challenge yourself and that’s when you really see the fat burn off and the results come your way.

Begin to Add Weights For An Extra Element

What a lot of people don’t realize as they consider treadmill workouts to burn fat is that they need a weight component to continue on with the great results. Sure cardio is an excellent way to burn fat and the treadmill is undoubtedly the vehicle to get you there. You do however need to look a bit further than that and consider how incorporating some weight can really maximize the fat burning.

When you look at the treadmill workouts the best way to incorporate weight is by the type that you can wear. Be sure that you feel safe and comfortable wearing the light weights around the ankles and/or wrists for that extra bit of fat burning.

Even carrying and using a light hand weight while moving about on the treadmill can work wonders. Do take your time with this and build up and be sure that you start out at a slower speed so as to avoid injury. You are only as good as your workouts and if you try to push too hard at first or take on too much weight then it’s not going to be good for you later on.

If you approach this the right way however you can really see some great benefits to adding the weight component to your treadmill workouts. Your metabolism will speed up because of this and you will end up burning far more calories than just cardio alone. It really does work and it’s not that hard to do!

Get the Maximum Out of These Fat Burning Workouts

Treadmill workouts to burn fat can really work and far exceed your expectations. Even though you may not consider the treadmill to be a fat burning machine it can really impress you with some amazing results.

Think through what you want to get out of these workouts and how you can challenge yourself as you  move forward. To be truly successful now and into the long term you need to ensure that your treadmill workouts are also supported by proper nutrition and a truly healthy lifestyle.

Figure out your staring point and level and then use the treadmill to help you move forward. It’s okay if you feel winded after 20 minutes at first as you can always work your way up after that. It’s perfectly fine if you need to mix in intervals of walking and jogging as you get used to the treadmill as you are already starting the process of fat burning and transforming your body. If you can’t run just yet, then know that you have something to work your way up to.

Think about speed, intensity, and incline in your workouts and then consider how to incorporate each and every element. There is no one right way to do this and so you have to utilize this fat burning workout to your best ability.

Do challenge yourself and feel good about your efforts and be sure that variety guides you, even in the way that you utilize the treadmill moving forward. Workouts change shape as you move along and so you need to listen to your body and know when it’s time to take things up a notch.

Treadmill workouts to burn fat are going to really help you to lose weight and see some amazing results. Though you may not recognize the importance of the treadmill now you are going to see that it’s quite versatile and therefore able to help you to achieve fat burning results.

You do need to stay tuned into what factors you increase or take up to continue the fat burning process, but this is truly revolutionary stuff and therefore worthwhile to stick with. Keep using those treadmill workouts to burn fat and always be ready to challenge yourself and move onto the next phase—this is how you transform your body and your workout routine forever!

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