Uncovering Diabetes

Uncovering Diabetes – The Mother of The Diseases of Civilization

In the modern age, diabetes is one big disease which people are much worried of. Most of the people in the whole world is affected with diabetes and that is the reason why it is called the mother of diseases of civilization.

There are many harmful effects of diabetes. If you ignore diabetes you will be get many complications in your body which will include heart failure, loss of sight, kidney failure etc.

Most of the countries across the world is facing this problem with people reporting more diabetic. The reason can be due to many factors.

What are the effects of diabetes on the body?

In simple words diabetics is the condition where you will have a high level of sugar in your blood. When you consume anything, the human body is capable of breaking down what you consume into sugars.

These sugars are then taken into your blood stream and converted to glucose. The glucose is then taken in your bloodstream and transported to all the parts of your body to provide you with energy that you need.

Insulin is essential for this process and that is the work of Pancreas to produce the need amount of insulin. In the case of diabetic patients there can be two situations where pancreas never produce insulin or produce insulin which will not be enough to break down the sugar in your blood. Due to this every part of your body will get affected.

There are totally two types of diabetes based on the condition and type of the situation. The types of diabetes are detailed below:

Type 1 diabetes: This type of diabetes is seen usually in youngsters and children where there will be a disorder where the patients become insulin dependent. This can be called as an immune system disorder.

In this type of diabetes the own immune system of the patients will attack the pancreas and make them not produce insulin.

Due to the attack on insulin producing cells, the pancreas become incapable of preparing insulin that is required. In this case of patients, they will have to take insulin shots every day to live.

Type 2 diabetes: This is something that is called as an insulin resistance. In the patients with Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas will produce insulin but the cells of the body which needs energy will not respond to the amount of insulin produced.

In this case the pancreas will work hard to produce more and more insulin in order to manage the glucose level in the blood. In this process at one point pancreas will burn themselves by producing more amount of insulin that creates problem.

For the Type 2 diabetes patient’s insulin medication will be required in the initial stages however there are various ways in which this is handled.

It is usually easy for some people with these symptoms where the condition can easily be sorted with the help of changes to diet and exercise. Careful monitoring of the blood sugar levels is also very important for Type 2 diabetic patients.

Uncovering Diabetes

How will diabetics affect other organs of the body?

As diabetes is a situation related to blood, it has serious effect on many organs in the body. There are many organs that will suffer problems if you don’t take a proper care on the diabetes condition.

When blood reaches other organs with high sugar levels, some of the organs will be able to handle it but other organs will find it difficult to handle and show failure symptoms.

That is the reason why diabetes should be kept in control all the time. It is quite easy to find out the symptoms of diabetes.

The first symptom is high thirst and frequent urination. If you do a blood test, you will be able to easily identify diabetes with the help of high sugar levels in it.

When will diabetes become a killer disease?

Any disease will become a threat to you only if it is not treated properly. When you find some symptoms of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes it is good to consult a doctor immediately.

There can be situations where the symptoms can be easily controlled during the earlier stages. If you complicate the problem then you will have to be very careful with diabetes and take care of the fitness.

If you don’t care about your actual diabetes problems, it becomes a killer disease for you. As diabetes is related to blood and blood touches each and every organ in your body, the possible ways to get complication is the failure of certain organs.

Till certain age the organs will be self-sustaining but after a particular age you will not be able to continue with the problems that you have.

Steps to have diabetes in control

There are many steps that can be strictly followed to have diabetes in control. As it is called as the mother of diseases of civilization, it is highly important that you should take good care of your body and maintain fitness. The following steps will help you keep your diabetics in control:

Regular exercising will help you maintain fitness. If you are doing workouts make sure you do something to enhance your muscles as it gives you good strength and stamina.

Keep yourself hydrated all the time. As the blood sugar levels are high, you will always feel thirsty. In that situation it is good to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water that is needed for you.

Follow the instructions given by your doctor. If you have any questions on the medication, it is appropriate to consult your doctor immediately instead of taking decisions by yourself.

Regular walking helps in keeping your condition stable. Experts say that walking provides good blood circulation to the body and in turn all the body parts are refreshed with good blood flow.

Taking necessary precautions is highly required to keep diabetics under control for lifelong fitness.

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