Sugar Scrub for cellukite

17 Home Remedies For Cellulite

You’ll have some form of cellulite at some point in your life. It may be from having been pregnant, it may be from having gained and lost a few pounds, regardless of how you got it, now you want to rid yourself of it.

Can you really do anything at home to get rid of cellulite? The answer is a resounding YES! Is there any hope?

Cellulite, those bumpy lumps under the skin on your thighs, hips, abdomen, and a few other areas of your body, are made up of fats.

There are many home remedies to rid yourself of these lumpy bumps. Here are 17 of our favorites.

Sugar Scrub

Combine ½ cup of sugar with one to two tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil and massage into your skin in the shower. Rinse thoroughly and apply cream after your shower.

Sea Salt Scrub

Combine ½ cup of sea salt (medium to fine grind) and one to two tablespoons of olive or coconut oil and apply to your trouble areas in the shower. Rinse thoroughly and apply cream after your shower.

Coffee Scrub

Use ½ cup of coffee grounds and 2 Tablespoons of honey, and apply during the shower. Rinse thoroughly and apply cream after showering.

Note: Coffee grounds will not stain your skin, but they may stain your shower, so be sure to rinse your shower out completely when you’re done.


Apply your favorite cream to your trouble areas (usually your hips, thighs, abdomen, and sometimes breast area).

Be sure to massage it in completely. Hydrated skin shows less cellulite than non-hydrated skin.

Self-Tanning Lotions

You’ll need an excellent self-tanning lotion and a good spray tanning spray. Start with the self-tanning lotion and generously apply it only to the areas with cellulite. This is a favorite model trick and may also become your favorite one.

Allow it to completely dry, and top it off with an excellent self-tanning spray over your entire body.

By doubling up on the trouble areas,, you will find that they are more camouflaged than when you just use one spray tan or a self-tanning lotion.


If you’re not already taking a good multivitamin with extra zinc, B complex vitamins, and C and E, be sure to take them immediately.

Your body requires vitamins to produce the collagen that helps to plump areas up and hide that cellulite, so give it what you can do plump up that dimpled area of your skin.


Citrus has long been known to help hide cellulite. Start your day with lemon water and include as much citrus as possible in your daily diet.

Good examples are drinking some orange juice, eating an orange, using lemons and limes in your cooking water, and eating a grapefruit for breakfast. You get the idea.

 Dietary Changes for cellulite

Dietary Changes

Avoid heavy, fatty foods like French fries and other fried foods. Instead, focus on fresh fruits and vegetables that give your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients to function correctly.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and look when indulging in good foods.


Start your day with a great workout. You don’t have to work out for hours on end to see results, but do take about half an hour and so some squats, stretches, and leg lifts to get your body toned and in better shape.


Remember that you need to hydrate from within as well as from the outside. Strive to drink six to eight glasses of water daily and keep your body hydrated and looking great.

The more fluids you drink, the more your skin will stay plumped up and healthy.


Take 15 minutes in the mid-afternoon and relax. Simply sit quietly, close your eyes, and slowly relax every muscle in your body.

Relaxation helps to reduce stress which will help you stay looking younger and healthier. Concentrate on every area of your body and relax it.


Take some time for yourself and indulge in a massage every few weeks. The massage will not only help to relax you, but it will also help to massage that fat right out of your body.

Reduce Toxins

Your body is exposed to toxins daily. Try to avoid toxins that can age you. Second-hand smoke, industrial pollution, and the like can all cause your body to form cellulite. Strive to avoid it as much as possible.

Dry Brushing

In addition to the body scrubs at the beginning of this article, you can also try dry brushing.

Take a skin brush (available in most drug stores in the skincare aisle) and dry brush your trouble areas in circular motions before you step into the shower.

This will help to loosen the fatty deposits that form cellulite and rev up your circulation. Then when you step into the shower, this will flush out of your system with the action of washing up.

Aromatherapy Baths

Again, relaxation helps to detox the body and rid the body of cellulite. Try a nice aromatherapy bath such as lavender, soothing lemon, or something that helps you feel relaxed.

The soaking is excellent for the body and sore muscles, and the aroma will soothe the olfactory nerves. You’ll be amazed at how great this works to rid your body of cellulite.

Seaweed Poultice

Buy some seaweed at your local market and soak it in some water. Apply it to your trouble areas and allow it to sit on your skin for about 20 minutes. Finish with a nice aromatherapy shower, and you will surely see results.

Cabbage Poultice

Cabbage isn’t just for eating ladies; try a few leaves on your trouble areas to rid yourself of cellulite. Use it just like the seaweed above, and you will see the other side of cabbage benefits.

Clearly, many things can be done to treat cellulite from home. You can use just about anything to give yourself a nice soothing massage and treat yourself.

The more you learn to relax, eat healthily, and hydrate from within, the less you’ll notice cellulite.

17 Home Remedies For Cellulite


  1. These are such great tips! I think there’s so much out there now that’s ways to get rid of cellulite, but so much of it involves chemicals or pills and just generally are bad for your health. I love that these tips are home remedies that are fully healthy and safe. I’ve tried coffee scrubs before, but now that I see they’re on this list I’ll definitely be using them more.

  2. Yeah! Coffee scrub is one of the best remedies out there. personally, i have tried sea salt and sugar scrub. They are good, but slow. the best remedy among the list, is exercise. It works fast… like magic.
    I’m not saying the other tips are’not good, i’m saying this particular one is the best. if you want fast action. try exercise.

  3. victoriaflip

    Ever since I started going more natural with my lifestyle, I love finding good home remedies! The sea salt scrub sounds great in the shower, I’m going to have to try that. Actually, I think the only thing I wouldn’t want to try is the self-tanning lotion… too much work, plus I don’t mind being a little on the pale side 🙂

  4. I’ve tried the dry scrub before, but I hadn’t thought about the citrus or the self-tanning lotion! Thanks for adding more ideas to my DIY skin care routine!

  5. Nisa Ahmed

    The tips are tremendously great!! I have now reached the conclusion that I should use natural remedies to get rid of cellulite other than chemicals which will harm the skin. By reading the natural remedies to get rid of cellulite is amazing and healthy way to get rid of cellulite. I have never tried coffee scrub before which I will now. Thank you so much for the healthy and safe ideas to choose from.

  6. I tried to combine two of the tips, took the sugar scrub and massaged it over my problem area (my thighs). I know this will take a while to work, but in the meantime, I also put the self tanner on and wow! It really did help diffuse the appearance of my cellulite. I’m not a huge fan of limes, but I really like putting lemons in my water, so I will soon start drinking lemon water in the mornings before my breakfast. Thank you for the awesome tips, they are really helpful!

  7. Yes, Cellulite may be more visible than fat deeper in the body. Everyone has layers of fat under the skin so even thin people can have cellulite.
    I really love this guide. Thank you

  8. These are awesome tips for cellulite. I have heard of a coffee scrub before, but I am really looking forward to trying it for the first time! I know that sugar scrubs are fantastic for your skin in general, but I had no idea that it could help with cellulite.

    Thank you so much for this list! As a mom in her 30s, I can use all the advice I can get and I love that I now get to tell my husband that I “need” a massage. 🙂

  9. Thanks lot for sharing Home remedies.
    The best home remedy are exercises that tone and shape your body; such as squats or lunges, which target your thighs and glutes. Also not eating bad carbs such as anything that’s white (sugar, salt, white bread, flour, potatoes), laying off those things will cause any unwanted fat to melt away.

    Other than that, Olay, Vaseline and Jergens do carry firming moisturizers but that’s just for extra, don’t expect any results from those products. Try what I wrote above for three weeks and watch the results

  10. Sandra daniells

    Nice article.I really want to appreciate the fact that these remedies are home remedies meaning two is the fact that anybody can easily put them into practice and also for the fact that they are cost low.Lovely,will sure try them out personally.

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