Cellulite Remedies That Work 2019

Cellulite is the direct result of excess fat deposits in the body. It appears as dimpled skin on areas like hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and legs.

It is caused by the fat lying between the fibrous connective cords which get glued to the muscle underlying the skin.

When fat cells accumulate they push up and bulge against the skin and the tough and long cords are pulling down at the same time. This creates the uneven dimples on the surface of the skin.

Women are more affected by it than men due to their hormonal and collagen structure. The female hormone estrogen tends to store fat more while the male hormone testosterone tends to burn fat more.

Moreover the collagen and connective tissues in men are structured in angular fashions which helps drain away fats while in women it is straighter like mattresses which unfortunately traps the fat more.

The resultant bumps and ripples look very unsightly and lead to major hammering of one’s self-confidence.

Cellulite conditions are often described as cottage cheese, mattress or orange peel syndrome. In mild cases the skin looks pinched and slightly dimpled.

In more severe cases the skin completely puckers up and becomes full of lumps with peak and valleys make it looks rough and bumpy.

Causes of Cellulite formations

Cellulite can occur due to many reasons. You need to know what they are so that you can discern which is the best treatment for you.

– One of the chief causes of cellulite is obesity. Even if you are not obese being overweight in any case increases risks of forming cellulite.

Weight gain helps in pushing the fat deposits outward making the cellulite more visible. This is why losing weight is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite.

– Having said that it is important to know that cellulite can affect thin people as well. This is because cellulite can be the result of a genetic predisposition as well. In such cases it does matter that one is thin or keeps fit.

If it’s there in your genes you will suffer from the ungainly lumps. Focused cellulite treatment is called for here.

– Age is yet another factor that leads to cellulite. Typically it is only after adolescence that one begins to feel the effects of cellulite and this will only increase with age.

As we grow older our metabolic systems slows down leading to easier fat storage in the body. This is combined with impaired vein systems all of which work against the body and lead to more fat deposits and hence cellulite formations.

– As mentioned above the female body structure makes it easy for it to trap fats and lead to cellulite formation more than the male body.

Moreover, female hormones like estrogen and progesterone function in such a way that it weakens veins and lead to easier weight gain.

– Internal health issues can lead to disruptive digestive systems like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or severe liver problems which lead to fat storage which in turn lead to more cellulite development.

– Sometime mental stress and anxiety can lead to severe health conditions like disruptive nervous system, inflamed tissues and easy weight gain all of which combine to develop more cellulite.

– Overdoing exercises or diets are also harmful because one cannot sustain these efforts and lead to binge dieting. Too much of rigorous exercises suddenly or crash dieting can be dangerous.

So is improper massage that can damage the fragile lymphatic vessels network. All these can lead to more fat storage and weight gain.

– Bad lifestyle choices like smoking and excessive drinking can be dangerous as well. Added to these are bad habits like being inactive and not working out or eating too much of junk and processed food can be bad for your health.

These have harmful preservatives and additives as well as excess calories from the fats and high sugar which increase the body weight and lead to more toxin presence in the system and messes up the circulation.

– A diet without the right balance of nutrients does nothing good for your body. Similarly not doing regular exercises can quickly make your system weak and invite all kinds of illnesses to come and roost within.

The first of these would excess weight and all its associated problems one of which is the dreaded cellulite.

There are many cellulite remedies that work. Some of these include massages, creams and lotions while others involve more serious medical treatments.

Then of course there are the age old natural ways to remove weight and control cellulite which take more time than the other treatment but produce more long term and wholesome results.

Take a look at all kinds of remedies and see which one would suit your condition best.

Cellulite remedies that work 2019

Lasers and RF systems

These techniques are the most effective, most complicated and of course more expensive. This is a medical therapy conducted by experts who use the radiofrequency and infrared light along with negative tissue massage to treat and reduce cellulite.

Laser treatments use diode laser energy for combined tissue massage. Then there is use of radiofrequency energy for alternating deep and superficial tissue massage.


This is one of the most common and also one of the oldest medical treatments known for cellulite. During the treatment a small incision is made to insert a tube through the skin so that the excess fat from the cells can be suctioned out.

These days there are advanced liposuction procedures available which are laser assisted which means that the fat cells can now be destroyed and the skin tightened with less invasive methods.


This technique involves injecting a solution under the skin, into subcutaneous fat. The term is formed from the Greekwords mesos which means middle andtherapeia which means to treat medically.

These injections target the adipose fat cells first by inducing lipolysis, then by rupturing and causing cell death among adipocytes.

The injections can be a combination of allopathic and homeopathic medications, vitamins,minerals and severalherbal or plantextracts, aminophylline, enzymes and certain hormones. Unfortunately it is often accompanied by severe side effects.

Topical Treatments

There are several topical products in the market that help in fighting cellulite. Since cellulite is manifested through an external skin condition most of these products focus on making the skin smooth and tight while other work on temporarily camouflaging the dimples.

One of the most effective ingredients is retinol so product which has retinol can be incorporate d in the daily cellulite treatment schedule.

Other than these there are natural topical treatment methods like scrubs, masks, herbal packs and essential oils which can be applied and massaged on to the affected areas for best results.

In all these cases, the results may not show for months but once they do they will last for a longer time, especially the more natural methods.

Cellulite Massage

This is considered to be an alternative form of cellulite treatment which is all natural and completely non-invasive. So there are less side effects and dangers associated with it.

It is also one of the most comfortable forms of treatment available and can be done at home or in a spa by a professional masseuse.

Vigorous or soothing, massage of all kinds is focused at increasing the blood flow, reducing the excess fluid from the cellulite-prone areas and eventually removing all the toxins from the body.

Among the professional massages one common option is the Endermologie or the Lipomassage which is done by used a hand-held device. The rollers in the device are used to knead the skin and loosen up the fat cells.

This slowly drains the excess fat away and reduces the cellulite formation leaving the skin tight and smooth.

But in reality, none of these remedies will work 100% without proper weight loss programs. And that means a proper diet and exercise regimen to make your body internally healthy and externally active.

As you lose more pounds you also go on strengthening the muscles in your legs, buttocks, thighs, arms and abdomen. This will improve the appearance of the dimpled skin by reducing the unsightly bumps and lumps.

So how will one lose weight? Does this mean yet another round of professional treatments or expensive weight loss programs?

Not really. It is perfectly possible to lose weight in healthy natural ways and at a steady pace, all by yourself. Here are some tips.

– Diets – The first step is to change your dietary habits and give up on all high calorie and junk foods that you are so addicted to. It also means eating out less and eating in more.

Consult a nutritionist to know what your BMI is and how many calories your body needs per day, then work out a balanced diet with all nutrients and stick to it. Make sure it has lots of green vegetables and fruits, whole grains and fibers, lean meats, nuts and lean milk products in it.

– Workouts – Along with the right diet you need the right exercises to keep your body fit and active. You will need to combine cardio with strength exercises interspersed with weight training.

This will ensure that the entire body is engaged and fat is burned off equally from all parts. You can then add some lower body exercises to target the cellulite affected areas which will help tighten and tone up the skin faster.

These are cellulite remedies that work because these bring about more long term results than any other mechanical procedures.

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