Cholesterol Structure

Cholesterol Structure – Something you ought to know

Cholesterol Structure

When we hear about the word “Cholesterol” then we think that it is some kind of monster or murderer that will kill us. Many people believe that in any form, cholesterol is a threat to our body system. Is it true? No, this is not a true statement because latest studies tell us that cholesterol has two types and it comes in good and bad form.

HDL or High Density Lipoprotein is commonly known as good cholesterol and its high level in our blood and body system are very beneficial for our health. LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein is commonly known as bad cholesterol and its high level in our blood and body system is very harmful for our health. Both are cholesterols but completely opposite to each other.

Levels of cholesterol structure

Cholesterol levels are identified throughout your tissues and in your blood vessels. Your human demands a certain quantity of cholesterol to operate effectively, but it is when you have too much that your wellness can start to experience. Extra LDL can develop up in the inner-lining of your artery surfaces and cause obstructions that do not let blood vessels circulation through quickly. A stage of less than 100 mg/dl is regarded a most positive level in LDL.

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Stages of HDL are regarded excellent when they are above the level of 40 mg/dl. These two figures mixed are often used to evaluate the potential for chance of a heart stroke or cardiac arrest. Both bad and good cholesterol levels are made in your body and come from the meals you eat. Your complete blood vessels cholesterol levels should be below 200 mg/dl.

HDL a Blessing & LDL a Curse

So, after this discussion we can say that HDL is a blessing to our body and LDL is a curse. High levels of LDL cholesterol can be extremely dangerous for our overall health and these must be avoided in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. High levels of LDL can cause real threats to our heart and create various heart related diseases.

Cholesterol is a waxy like steroid metabolite usually found in the cell membranes of our body. Cholesterol makes its ways through plasma and blocks the arteries by clogging them and hence creates heart diseases. It is so disastrous that it can even take your life away.

Latest researches reveal to us that every year millions of people are getting heart attacks because of high levels of low density lipoprotein in their blood. Low density lipoprotein is the same kind of cholesterol that makes its way through plasma and blocks the arteries by clogging them and hence creates health hazards.

As a matter of fact, cholesterol cannot dissolve in our blood but it is transported to our body consistently on lipoprotein. Researches tell us that about one third to four third of cholesterol is carried by the high density lipoprotein.

High density lipoprotein levels are good because they protect us from heart diseases and other health threats. High density lipoprotein levels protect our body from health hazards by overcoming the low density lipoprotein levels.

LDL is a great threat to our body

LDL is a big problem by its nature. The bad levels of low density lipoprotein circulate in our blood stream and very slowly build-ups the walls of the arteries, resulting in slowing the natural flow of blood stream from hard & thick deposits commonly known as plaque buildup in medical language. Low density lipoprotein narrows the ways of the arteries and makes them inflexible. It is commonly known as atherosclerosis in the medical language.

Reduce LDL by natural means

There are a variety of factors why an individual with inherited high-cholesterol might be looking for a natural remedy. The idea of reducing the bad cholesterol with natural methods is very popular these days. If you are looking for some natural solutions and are on the pursuit for better health, then a great starting point would be to take more interest in your consuming routine.


One of the significant issues of those who experience from cardiovascular illness is cholesterol level. You are probably unacquainted with it, but if you have never made an attempt to have a diet plan, you may have high-cholesterol. Our very lifestyles rely on what we get in our body.

The great thing is that there are delightful and healthier natural health solutions that will help you get rid of high blood cholesterol levels problems and other heart related issues. Decreasing bad blood cholesterol levels has been the subject of many health issues today. The bad thing is, it does not really matter how much individuals read up on amounts of information about how to eat healthier – individuals just cannot help themselves and still eat harmful, processed foods.

You can maintain good blood-pressure by getting some foods that have high blood potassium content like honeydew, cantaloupe, tomato vegetables, apples, bananas and potatoes. Nutrient magnesium vitamin is another essential mineral and you can get them from almonds and whole grain. Maximize your calcium mineral intake by eating sea-weed, dark-green vegetables, low fat dairy products, almonds and other low salt dairy products.

Fight your bad cholesterol levels

The reason, natural treatments for high-cholesterol are preferred to conventional prescribed cholesterol levels medicines, is for two good reasons. First, prescribed cholesterol levels medicines only really treat high LDL cholesterol levels, and have little to no impact on HDL or triglycerides. And second, treatments for high-cholesterol have no adverse reactions, unlike prescribed cholesterol medicines that have dangerous to life threatening adverse reactions.

Meals great in body saturated fat and trans body fat should be prevented, because this prevention will help you to reduce bad cholesterol levels. Meals that are deep fried, prepared foods, ready-made meals, animal and milk products, margarines, cake etc. are all rich in these bad body fats.

Triglycerides are a different way of fat. They are also created in your system and they come from the meals you eat. High-cholesterol and rich triglycerides often go hand in hand and are a determinant of cardiovascular illness. Your triglyceride stage should be less than 150 mg/dl. To fight high blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides, physicians will often recommend medicines.

For a majority of men & women, these medicines either do not perform or they carry about way too many adverse reactions to make it beneficial for them to use. Organic treatments are available to help with these circumstances.

An item known as “Resterol” concentrates on including nutritional value to your diet plan to help battle cholesterol levels buildup. Nutrients in “Resterol” have been in comparison to consuming as much as two pounds of nuts, half garlic bulb, seven cups of sunflower seeds, a turmeric plant root, 1 1/2 cups of brown rice, and the resin of a “Commiphora mukul” herb.

Alfalfa is known as one of the good grains because alfalfa has been known to decrease cholesterol levels and decrease oral plaque along your artery surfaces. Oats are another feed resource that is given a lot of credit in decreasing cholesterol levels. Oats has long been a preferred food in decreasing overall cholesterol levels.

woman exercise

Exercise can help cutting bad cholesterol

Physical exercise is one of those treatments for high-cholesterol that is regarded complicated. But it does not have to be that way, plus the health advantages make it beneficial. Even strolling half an hour a day will improve HDL cholesterol levels and reduce LDL. Those men & women who are facing the issue of high cholesterol must walk 45 minutes a day in order to cut the bad levels of LDL cholesterol in their blood.

Walking is the best and easiest way to cut the extra amount of high cholesterol and prevent heart related diseases. We know very well that HDL cholesterol is good for our health and it protects us from heart diseases. Those men & women who walk regularly, their HDL cholesterol level grows and saves them from many health hazards including heart diseases. Changing the habits of diet and exercise will give you the desired levels of cholesterol in your body that you are always looking for.

Add garlic to cut the bad cholesterol levels

Could any type of herbal therapy be any more simple or easier than garlic? You get it in its organic state to use in your dishes and you get them as supplements or tablets. These are excellent as a strategy to cardiovascular illness. Garlic decreases your bad cholesterol levels, your hypertension level and it is also excellent as a blood-thinner and to control arthrosclerosis. Garlic runs through the plasma and enters into the blocked arteries. It open the ways of blocked arteries and revive the blood flow in the place in order to save us from heart attack.

High cholesterol should not be taken easy because it can put your life in a great danger. There are many practical and natural ways to cut the bad levels of cholesterol in order to live an active and healthy life. If you are suffering from high cholesterol then don’t worry. With the strong will-power and determination, you will be able to overcome high cholesterol and one day you will start living a normal life again.

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