What Causes Cellulite

Discover What Causes Cellulite So You Can Banish This Forever

What Causes Cellulite

Wondering what causes cellulite? Many people who are struggling with this condition or who want to do their absolute best to avoid its occurrence want to know exactly what causes cellulite so that they can take the steps they need to in order to get rid of this unsightly tissue – or prevent it from occurring in the first place.

There are many answer to the question of what causes cellulite, so it’s not a one size fits all solution here but rather, you need to look at your own situation and see what risks factors you may have that could lead you to develop cellulite, or have caused it to already occur.

When you are able to effectively recognize those factors, that’s when you can take the steps you need to in order to get rid of this tissue from your body.

Remember that cellulite does occur far more naturally in the female body than the male’s, so you will want to keep this in mind as you go through the various causes of cellulite.

Let’s go over what you need to know.

A Poor Diet

The first and most notable cause of cellulite is a poor diet plan. If you are not eating as you should be on a day to day basis, you are not only setting yourself up to experience cellulite, but also setting yourself up to experience fat gain as well.

Diet is the real ticket to managing cellulite because the foods that you eat on a day to day basis have a very direct influence on how you look.

If you want to do your part to reduce cellulite, you need to eat a diet that is full of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.

You want to eliminate all processed, friend, and junk foods as much as possible because these are in no way going to help you reduce the amount of cellulite present on your body.

You should also avoid consuming too much coffee as well as caffeine can cause dehydration to occur and this can also increase your risk of developing cellulite.

Lack Of Exercise

The next factor on the list of what causes cellulite is a lack of exercise. If you are not getting hardly any physical activity into your day, this is definitely going to increase the chances that you do start to suffer from cellulite.

Those who are not exercising enough will not maintain lean muscle mass tissue and it’s this lean muscle mass tissue that keeps the skin firm and tight, reducing the dimpled like appearance of cellulite tissue.

Regular strength training will also help you maintain a higher metabolic rate as well and this will be critically important to reducing the appearance of cellulite in the body as well.

Strength training and aerobic training should both be included in a plan to help reduce cellulite. If you are leading a very inactive lifestyle at the moment, this is one of the biggest causes of cellulite that you need to fix immediately.


Hormones can also be another of the causes of cellulite. If you have a very high level of insulin present in your body due to a diet rich in simple carbs, this is going to encourage fat storage and make you more likely to gain excess body weight. Furthermore, if you have estrogen flowing throughout your body as well, as many women do, that is a hormone that can put you at a higher risk for developing cellulite and accumulating excess fat, so tilt the scales against you.

Women who are in their menopausal years who start to see shifts in hormonal levels are often more prone to developing cellulite, so it will be even more important to watch your diet at this point in time as you move into these years ahead.

stress causes cellulite


The next answer to the question of what causes of cellulite is stress. Leading a high stress lifestyle will impact you negatively in a number of different ways.

First, high levels of stress will cause you to release far more cortisol in your body and this hormone tends to break down lean muscle mass while encouraging abdominal fat to occur.

Cortisol will also increase the cellulite formation taking place as it has negative implications on your metabolic rate.

In addition to that, if you are highly stressed out all the time, this can also increase the chances that you are going to be eating for reasons other than hunger, which further increases the risk that you are gaining body weight.

Stress is very detrimental to your overall health, so is something that you must effectively manage not only so that you can stay cellulite free, but so that you can feel your best overall as well.


Genetics are the next reason that you may see cellulite occurring on your body. If you know that your mom had a high amount of cellulite present on her body as did your grandmother, chances are going to be good that you will have a high level as well.

Genetics, unfortunately, will increase your risk, however the good news is that if you know this, you can then take more powerful steps to reduce the chances that you do go ahead and develop the cellulite.

You will simply need to be stricter with your diet plan and focus on getting a bit more exercise in so that you can overcome this bad genetic background.

Lifestyle Factors

Finally, the last of the factors that go into what causes cellulite is lifestyle factors. This includes smoking, which puts you at a higher risk of development, as well as lack of sleep. Both of these will increase the likelihood that you see cellulite forming on your body, so are things that you must take control over.

Start getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night while also making sure you do everything in your power to quit smoking.

So now you know what cause cellulite. Take steps to prevent these from impacting you.

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