cellulite on boobs remedies & treatments

Effective Cellulite on Boobs Remedies & Treatments

 cellulite on boobs remedies & treatments

Cellulite is the ungainly orange peel on the skin which gives a dimply and ugly look. It mostly affects women but men are not spared from its horrors either.

It is revealed as a mattress-like appearance on the skin mostly around the thighs, hips and buttocks.

For a long time people thought that the only way to get rid of these lumpy fat bulges is opt for a cosmetic treatment.

However, recent studies show that proper cellulite treatment can happen from within as well. Focusing on skin and body conditions and changes in lifestyle can contribute significantly to this treatment.

What are the various signs of cellulite?

For some people cellulite is revealed as faint dimples or an orange peel” texture when the skin is pressed.

For others it can be a conspicuous, ugly lumps or dimples which makes the skin pursed up and creased.

Cellulite on boobs

Key causes of Cellulite

There are many reasons for cellulite development in the body. It you want to retain the smooth and young skin that you have now and preserve the elasticity then you need to look deep into the causes to identify why you have it and try and find remedies for the same.

Technically, cellulite is caused by fat deposits that combine with the tough collagen fibers of the muscles under the skin.

When these fibers get pulled the fatty areas grow larger and the fat deposits start bulging out causing the ugly dimples.

One needs to understand why these unnatural fat deposits happen in the first place.

-Various digestive disorders can disrupt the system and lead to easy cellulite development.

Some of the common ailments are constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and certain liver problems.

– Impaired vein systems in the leads to cellulite formation in older women

– Constant stress leads to tension in the neck muscles and the vertebrae which in turn leads to inflamed tissues and associated surge of adrenaline which lead to cellulite development.

– Going overboard with workouts can be another cause for them

– Increasing age and slowing metabolism lead to more fat storage, rising weight and therefore to cellulite development.

– Some common reasons for cellulite development are the bad lifestyle choices most people have these days. Junk food intake and lack of exercise are just a few to start with.

Top these with sedentary lifestyles and you have bad blood circulation weakening venous and lymphatic systems as well as excess weight gain which leads to cellulite development.

– The septae structure under the female epidermis is like fine mesh which can easily trap fat cells and form cellulite

– Cellulite of often a result of genetic predisposition so one needs to know one’s medical history well

– The functions of female hormones like estrogen and progesteronemake the body easy prey for cellulite.

Estrogen helps fat cells develop around boobs and the latter leads toweaker veins and easy fluid retention which leads to weight gain

– Pregnancy is a dreaded time for various hormonal changes can lead to cellulite development, however breast-feeding is great for reducing it so guess there is a balance there somewhere.

– Improper massage can damage the fragile network of lymphatic vessels and lead to cellulite development

– Smoking is yet another cause as it leads to severe damage of vein and capillary walls which causes inflammation and negatively affects the blood circulation.

– Obesity pushes the fat deposits outward making the lumpy cellulite visible

– Excess calories for high sugar and fatty foods, foods containing preservatives and additives lead to increase in   body fat and toxins which lead to cellulite

– The fad for crash diets is dangerous as it leads to more fat storage and deposits

– Food allergies can lead to various dysfunctions which lead to cellulite ultimately.

Dangers of cellulite on boobs

All these are reasons for cellulite to form all over the body including the boobs. When fat deposits swell up and the connective tissue refuses to stretch it pushes the skin out and lead to a smattering of ugly dimples all over the area affected.

This is typically known as cellulite and can affect both genders. In women it can also pose an additional risk of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) while in men it can lead to the dreaded boobs or man-boobs. It can also affect all kinds of people – fat or thin.

Yes, it’s a myth that only fat people get cellulite. Genetic predisposition and lifestyle choices can lead to cellulite in all and in skinny people it can stand out even more.

These along with age and hormonal changes are some risk factors that you cannot control. In such cases the best thing you can do is try and look for the best and quickest remedies.

But when it comes to your lifestyle choices you can exercise more control and caution and prevent such disruptions in your appearance.

You can stop crash dieting, stop eating too much carbs or fast foods, be more physically active and switch to a diet regime which stops weight gain and easy fluid retention.

Effective and popular cellulite remedies and treatments:

Mechanical treatments –Treatments like Lipomassage use the massage and suction devices to work on the fat deposits and knead the skin to a smooth surface afterwards; Radiofrequency devices apply heat to melt and break down the underlying fat and connective tissue which causes cellulite.

Afterwards it tightens up the skin and smoothen the bulges out to create a beautiful skin appearance; Laser devices first target the underlying connective tissue in order to build up collagen and thereby thicken the skin.

Later a massage and suction, cooling and heating (via radiofrequency) to attack the cellulite as much as possible and reduce the ungainly appearance faster; Liposuction which uses high powered lasers to kill and remove fat under the skin; Subcision, which is an invasive technique and quite expensive, uses needles to cut into the connective tissue beneath the skin and prevent further fat deposits from bulging out; Mesotherapy, which is procedure involving injecting fat-dissolving substances beneath the skin and prevent further bulges and lumps from appearing.

Topical creams – Some topical products are great for removing cellulite and are often preferred as non-invasive modes of treatment.

These include retinol creams which stimulate the skin tissues and create thicker skin which better covers the lumpy cellulite; methylxanthine creams which act by breaking down the fat deposits and improve the condition of the skin; certain herbal creams which use natural ingredients to improve circulation and prevent further fat deposits.

Weight loss as a treatment – Since fat deposits and weight gain are the biggest culprits behind cellulite it makes sense to target weight loss as a treatment method.

It would be better to go in for a focused and regimented workout with a trainer who will knows how to get rid of cellulite on boobs.

Spa treatments –Apart from massages various spas also offer the ‘Body Wrap’ treatment.

In this treatment affected areas are wrapped in warm and aromaticbandages for some time.

These are also called slenderizing wraps because the heat melts the fat, tightens the skin, dehydrates the portions to reduce definite inches – all of which makes one looks slender.

One can also try various home remedies for cellulite

– Start your day with a health drink. Mix apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) and honey ( 1 teaspoon) with 1 ½ glasses of water and have it every morning, it’s great for your digestion, a great fat-buster and definitely a cellulite remover.

– Regular workouts is a great way to improve muscle tone, blood circulation, prevent easy fat deposits and fluid retention.

– Taking a bath in salt water may sound weird but can work wonders to reduce and remove cellulite within a short span of time.

– A herbal massage prepared with rosemary, fennel, almond oil on the affected areas will show great results after a period of time.

– A common method is to mix coffee powder with body lotion to the affected areas regularly and massage it into the skin. After some time you will see the cellulite receding.

Whether you opt for home remedies or for a professional treatment would depend on what kind of cellulite you have and what is the extent on damage on your skin.

Not only that you will also have to take into account your current health conditions and medical history so that the treatment you opt for does not clash with any of those conditions and cause further harm.

This is true even for the safer options like the topical creams and herbal drinks because if you are pre-disposed to allergies anything can set them off and lead to severe consequences.

The best way to proceed therefore is to consult a doctor, health or cellulite expert on how you should proceed.

Try and lead a healthy lifestyle

At the end of the day nothing can touch you if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have go on a Spartan diet but being more cautious about what you eat and sticking to a balanced diet will help.

The diet will work even better if you pair it with regular workouts. You have multiple options like jogging, walking, aerobics and strength training exercises all of which will help in strengthening and improving the muscle time as wellas the skin.

Try and de-stress from time to time so that your mind is free of clutter and less prone to bad lifestyle choices.

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