Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

22 Alternative Ways to Treat Multiple Sclerosis the Natural Way

Multiple Sclerosis is an immune mediated condition in which your body reacts abnormally to the immune system. Specialists consider the condition to be immune mediated in lieu of an autoimmune condition. The body tends to attack the central nervous system or CNS which is comprised of the spinal cord, the brain and the optic nerves.

In Multiple Sclerosis, it attacks the myelin which is the fatty substance surrounding the nerve fibers, it also attacks the nerve fibers in the body. These damaged myelin then form a scar tissue that is called sclerosis. Whenever any portion of the myelin sheath is damaged or destroyed, the body’s nerve impulses are then destroyed and must find a way to reroute around the destructed area.

Some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis include seizures and missing time. They may include painful joints, pain and inflammation in various parts of the body and many patients wind up walking with a cane due to tissue damage.

This can generate a myriad of symptoms or a combination of symptoms. Most people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis or MS have four separate parts of their disease. It can be mild to moderate or even severe in some cases. It is believed to be brought on by one of several factors including genetics and even environmental.

While there is no exact cure, doctors manage the symptoms with various medications to help stop the debilitating symptoms of the condition. Many doctors are now finding that herbal remedies and natural therapies work just as well as medicines that the doctors are prescribing.

However, always check with a doctor prior to considering any natural or alternative method of treating your symptoms in order to ensure that medications aren’t interacting with natural remedies or alternative therapies.

Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis


Many alternative therapists are suggesting that cranberry may help reduce the urinary tract infections that plague many women who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. This can be drank as juice or it can be ingested as a supplement. However, it’s important to note that an ongoing urinary tract infection must first be treated as the cranberry is more of a preventative than a treatment protocol.

If there is a current urinary tract infection it must first be treated with an antibiotic and then after it is gone the patient can begin the cranberry treatments as a preventative measure to prevent any further or future urinary tract infections.


Many patients have found great relief from acupuncture. Acupuncture is a low risk form of treatment however, there are some herbal remedies that are often utilized alongside of acupuncture that can further exacerbate the condition so again, check with your doctor before embarking on these treatments.

Acupuncture works by releasing the blocked energy in the body. Energy that can’t get through is blocked off and when an acupuncturist inserts a needle into an area it then releases the blocked energy so that it can freely flow through the body.

Cool Down

Heat can further exacerbate symptoms of multiple sclerosis. If you’re too hot or the heat index is higher, consider cool drinks and staying indoors with the air conditioning running. You may also benefit from cool garments that are used to help cool down your body heat.

There are actual clothing facilities that offer “Cooling Vests” to those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis and qualify. You can find out more about them through the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

Some patients have actually moved to cooler regions of the United States in an effort to help reduce their multiple sclerosis symptoms. It is not uncommon for patients to begin to have more severe symptoms as soon as the heat index reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


According to scientific evidence, ginkgo biloba may help reduce fatigue and improve memory and mood. However, you must be wary as it can also reduce the effectiveness of other medications or worse, it can further enhance how other medications work on your system.

It’s imperative to stop taking ginkgo prior to any form of surgery, including dental surgery as it is a blood thinner. For best results, take the ginkgo supplement twice per day as directed. It may take several weeks to a few months to see the full results of this treatment.


Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and practice deep breathing which in turn can help to oxygenate the blood system. As the blood cells carry the oxygen throughout the body the body will feel better and more relaxed.

Meditating for 20 minutes up to three times per day may provide a lot of relief to the body and the condition according to specialists. This is one treatment that doesn’t require a doctor pre approving it. To meditate patients are encouraged to “find their happy place”.

Sit quietly and concentrate on said happy place for 20 minutes relaxing various parts of the body as you sit quietly. Over the course of time this will become second nature and patients will be able to obtain results much more quickly.


Yoga is an exercise that is very gentle on the body. It can help to stabilize the muscles and the stiffness often accompanied with multiple sclerosis. Those suffering from multiple sclerosis often suffer from stiff joints and instability. They are at a higher risk of falling due to the condition which can cause serious balance issues.

Yoga and tai chi are both great at helping to stabilize balance and reduce sore muscles. Both yoga and tai chi can readily be modified for anyone who is dealing with a disability or simply unable to do a specific move due to their medical condition. This is another treatment option that won’t interfere with any other medication that may be on board.

Lifestyle Changes

If you’re a smoker, it may be time to stop. Stopping smoking can be very beneficial to your health. You’ll improve your breathing and reduce your chances of developing emphysema. Reduce alcohol consumption and eat a healthy well balanced diet. If you’re on any street drugs, seek immediate help in getting off of them for good.

Keep your lifestyle simple and reduce stress as much as possible. If your job is stressful consider changing to a less stressful job. If your living situation is stressful, consider why and how you can change that. While it may seem easier said than done, it may make all of the difference in the world when it comes to treating your condition.

Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

Vitamin D

Low levels of Vitamin D may be a partial cause of multiple sclerosis. According to studies, there are some clusters of multiple sclerosis suffers in areas that have lower amounts of sunlight during portions of the year. By increasing their vitamin D they are boosting their immune system, feeling better and reversing the condition.

Vitamin D can readily be found in the sunlight (just 20 minutes in the morning sun will suffice) as well as vitamin D3 supplements. It can also be found in some vitamin D fortified dairy products. Your body requires plenty of vitamin D in order to absorb enough calcium and fight off such conditions as osteoporosis. This is a common complaint of multiple sclerosis patients.

Stop The Microwave

Another study has shown that food that is prepared in a microwave isn’t healthy. By reducing the consumption of foods that are prepared in the microwave many patients have found a bit of relief from the condition.

Consider instead warming foods over the stove or in the oven. You may also choose foods that don’t require reheating as an alternative to using the microwave. Avoid microwave popcorns as well. These contain many additives that have been found to be carcinogenic.

Go Organic

Still other patients have discovered if they tend to eat organic and avoid foods that are laden with GMO (genetically modified organisms) that they are much healthier. Many countries have already banned these foods and for a good reason.

Consider all of the chemicals and other things that are loaded into foods today compared to yesteryear. Now consider how many more patients are suffering from conditions like multiple sclerosis.

Organic foods are grown locally and easily found in farmers markets around the various areas of the United States. You can also grow organically in your own garden if you know how to do it. Avoid any chemical pesticides and instead opt for those that are natural or organic in origin. Avoid fertilizers that are chemically based and opt for those that are natural.

Omega 3s

Get in plenty of Omega 3 fatty oils. These are found in such foods are wild sockeye salmon. Just one serving per week can make all the difference in your health and help to reduce inflammation and tender joints.

You’ll also find omega 3s in peanut butters, tuna and other forms of salmon on the market today. You can use an Omega 3 supplement as well but be mindful that some will have an aftertaste of fish so you’ll want to choose one that minimizes that risk.

Food Allergies Or Sensitivities

Are you struggling with some food allergies or sensitivities? Many people are and don’t realize it. Consider having your doctor check for food allergies or sensitivities. Many foods can worsen multiple sclerosis symptoms and if you aren’t sure what those foods are, you may well be eating them on a frequent basis.

Some foods may increase your pain and inflammation so learning what those foods are and avoiding them will go far in helping to naturally treat your symptoms.

Avoid foods with trans fats, full fat dairy products, sugars (instead opt for healthier fruits that are sweet without any needed sweeteners), and avoid chemical replacement forms of sugar as well such as aspartame or products containing such artificial sweeteners.

Check Your Vitamin Levels

A lot of multiple sclerosis patients are extremely low in some specific vitamins. Check with your doctor and ask to be tested for your vitamin levels. They also find that there are many more heavy metal toxins in their bodies than the bodies of their friends who aren’t struggling with such conditions.

Check for these as well and find out how to reduce them if you’re body tends to be heavy in such heavy metal toxins.

Once your doctor checks you vitamin levels he or she may recommend you take a daily multiple vitamin or a specific vitamin that you may be lacking. Your doctor can best advise you on which vitamins you’re lacking and how you can get more of said vitamin into your system.

Eat More Vegetables

Many patients have found that a diet heavy in vegetables is better than a diet that includes meats. Many choose to go vegetarian and eat more foods such as kale, cucumbers, cabbage, spinach and other leafy green vegetables. They keep their diets low in meats but most of them do also eat fish as a source of protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

Consider a salad a day to help increase your leafy greens and to help you feel better. You can include many of the above mentioned vegetables in your salad and thus get your daily servings all in one easy sitting without having to add a new meal to your diet to get them all in.

Massage Therapy

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned massage to get your blood circulating and flowing properly. Consider deep tissue massage, and lymphatic flow massage for best results. A massage can improve your flexibility and get the blood flow to areas of the body that you can’t quite reach to massage yourself. Massage can even help to reduce spasms in muscles.

Avoid Soda

Stop drinking any types of soda as it can cause a myriad of symptoms to the body. The carbonation in the beverage is a waste product and it can form a toxin within the body. The more toxins in the body the harder it has to work to eliminate them so why put them into your body in the first place?

Instead opt for fresh juices and water. Water helps to flush toxins from your body and it’s also an important factor in remaining hydrated. If you’re dehydrated you can have muscle cramps and other health issues so be sure you’re drinking plenty of water on a daily basis.


Consider adding in some walking or a stationary bike to your regular exercise routine. This can be in addition to yoga or tai chi. Do more stretches and lift weights to help keep muscles toned and the blood circulating well throughout your system. Don’t avoid using muscles just because you’re tender. They can atrophy and cause more health issues.

Consider Raising Alkaline

Your body will be at it’s prime if you raise your alkaline levels. Consider adding alkaline water to your daily drinking water to increase your ph levels and help you to lower your inflammation. It is amazing how quickly this works to reduce inflammation.

Natural Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

Avoid Bottled Water

While easy to obtain, bottle water tends to be more acidic and can thus reduce the alkaline levels in your body. You don’t know how long the water has been in those bottles and the longer it sits, the more damage it can do. The water can also absorb chemicals from the plastics which are carcinogens which can further damage your body.

Avoid Aspartame And MSG

Avoid foods that contain aspartame and MSG. Both are found in many foods and can mimic symptoms of multiple sclerosis or make them worse. These chemicals are found in many canned foods, breads, cereal, chewing gums, convenience foods as well as processed foods.

Leave Gluten Behind

Gluten has long been known to cause inflammation in the joints and body. Try a gluten free diet or limit gluten ingestion. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley products. Check labels before you eat anything. If it says wheat, rye or barley don’t eat it. Also check labels for hair care products and lotions as many use wheat germ oil which is of course, full of more gluten.

Laugh Often

While this may sound silly, it can actually improve your immune system and help you to weather many health issues. Have a good sense of humor and spend some time every day just having fun. Laughter decreases stress and will go far in helping you to simply feel better and less stressed. Besides, it’s free and how many remedies can you find out there that are free?

Multiple sclerosis has a myriad of symptoms that can affect a person. Symptoms can range from mild to moderate to severe. They may affect only one small portion of a persons life or they may affect every aspect. The above therapies may work for some patients better than they work for others.

Mixing and matching the above natural remedies may provide some relief to patients who are diligent in their efforts to try them. Always check with a doctor prior to using any natural treatment therapies that may alter blood tests or how medications work. Your doctor may advise against some of the treatment therapies due to their interaction with medications.


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