Natural Remedies For Joint Pain

Top 22 Natural Joint Pain Treatments

When it comes to joint pain, there are many natural remedies that will help to ease your pain. You don’t always have to rely upon heavy duty pain medications.

There are many causes of joint pain and many people fail to recognize that they can do something about it all on their own without medical intervention.

If you’re already on pain medications, check with your doctor before you begin any supplemental therapy. Never stop taking your pharmaceutical medication without first checking with your doctor. Stopping abruptly can be very dangerous.

Joint pain can be caused by infection or even inflammation due to over use. Signs and symptoms of joint pain are swelling, hot spots on the joint and stiffness as well as redness and inflammation.

The exact treatment for joint pain will be dependent upon the actual cause of the joint pain. Some conditions are permanent and others are only temporary. By combining one or more of the following therapies you may be able to find some relief to your condition.

Weight Loss

Often, the easiest remedy for joint pain is to lose extra pounds. Those extra pounds may cause undue stress on joints. For every pound you lose, you’ll have 4 pounds of pressure lifted off of your knees. Those 4 pounds can really add up.

It’s important to strive for a healthy weight if you’re suffering from joint pain. Weight is very impacting on joints and even for someone who is struggling with arthritis. Reducing the stress on your joints will help to lower your pain and stop any further damage to joints.

 Natural Remedies For Joint Pain

Healthy Eating

Many people find that it’s something that they are eating that is causing the joint pain. Such culprits can be gluten foods (wheat, rye and barley are gluten foods) and by eliminating gluten from their diets they are often given relief from joint pain.

A great way to see if this works is to simply eliminate gluten from the diet for a few weeks and then gradually re introduce it. If joint pain starts up then don’t eat gluten. Some glutens appear to be “stronger” than others for causing joint pain.

You may find that you can eat some foods with gluten but not others. It’s going to be a trial and error situation until you determine which ones are your trigger foods.


In addition to your weight loss, get up and get moving. That’s right, while it may sound counter productive, moving around can greatly reduce joint pain. Consider walking, or running if you’re up to it as great forms of low impact exercise.

You can also consider water aerobics. The water will help to cushion your body and your joints so that you won’t damage them further. Even swimming can be a great form of exercise.

Most people mistakenly think that if they’re suffering from joint pain they should stay off of that specific joint (that is to say don’t do a lot of walking if you’re knees or ankles hurt), this couldn’t be further from the truth. Gentle exercise can actually help to ease pain and discomfort in joints that are sore.

Hot And Cold Therapy

Amazingly, hot and cold therapy seems to work very well for many patients. A good way to do this is to take warm showers or baths and use electric blankets or even heating pads. Follow this with cold therapy by using an ice pack or cool gel for sore joints.

You can alternate the hot and cold therapy with 20 minutes of one and then 20 minutes of the other for great results in relieving pain.


This ancient Chinese medical remedy uses thin needles that are inserted into key points in the body to relieve various symptoms including pain and inflammation.

The Chinese believed that the acupuncture would “free” the energy that was blocking healing and allow your body to be restored to its rightful balance.

Always make sure that you’re using a qualified acupuncturist if you choose to try this remedy. You’ll want good references for the acupuncturist. According to many, this remedy works very well for a short period of time.


According to some studies, taking the supplement glucosamine can help to alleviate joint pain. According to the study, patients who ingested 1500 mg per day had reasonable results. When combined with chondroitin the supplement is said to work even better for relieving joint pain.


Chondroitin works well, especially when it’s paired up with glucosamine. According to recent studies, the best amount to take to relieve joint pain is between 800 and 1200 milligrams per day.

Supplements can be found in the grocers on the supplement aisle as well as health food stores and local pharmacies everywhere. Often they are in a combination capsule with glucosamine.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids can help to improve the diet as well. It’s important to note that these can be found in both foods and supplements. Many canned fish (mackerel, sardines and salmon) are high in omega 3 fatty acids.

There are many supplement forms of omega 3s available on the market today as well. Fish oil can help to reduce inflammation as well as joint pain. Read labels carefully for best results follow the directions. If you’re on blood thinners, check with your doctor prior to using any omega 3 supplements.

Other Herbal Supplements

There are also other herbal supplements that can help to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. These include rose hips, boswellia, devil’s claw, stinging nettle, bromelain (also found in pineapple), ginkgo and thunder god vine.

It’s important to note that before you take any herbal supplements you should always check with your doctor or your pharmacist to ensure that you’re not going to have any negative drug interactions with other medications that you may be taking.

Your doctor or pharmacist will have all of the up to date information on how herbal supplements and pharmaceuticals interact.

 Natural Remedies For Joint Pain


This spice is delicious when added to many foods. It also offers up a great health benefit in that it helps to reduce joint inflammation and pain. Turmeric is often added to Indian foods such as curry and other similar dishes.

The chemical curcumin is in the spice and said to be the secret to pain and inflammation reduction. All we know is that it can add a delicious flavor to all of your dishes and it lends a bit of yellow color to them. Delicious and pain relief aren’t always in combo like this but when they are it’s a double benefit.

Cat’s Claw

This plant is often made into a tea. The woody vine is a native in Peru and the tea is made of the bark and the roots. In South America it’s long been used to help ease the painful symptoms of arthritis.

It also treats viral infections such as herpes and HIV. The tannins and the sterols in the woody vine help to ease pain and inflammation.

It won’t stop the condition but it will help to provide some relief. Sip it in a tea or buy it as a capsule supplement. Don’t stop prescription medications without consulting your doctor however.

Onion Tea

When considering pain relieving tea, many don’t consider the onion. However, according to studies, in Eastern Europe they often simply peel and slice an onion and boil it with about one and a half cups of water.

After about 20 minutes of this treatment there is only about a cup of the liquid. Strain and drink it while it’s still hot for the best benefits.

Many prefer to add some honey, lemon and even ginger to the brew to help reduce the strong flavor. While many say it doesn’t really do anything, many others claim that they couldn’t live without it.

Sip a mug of the brew for yourself and decide if onion breath is worth it or not for your pain. Caution, you may want to encourage your friends and family to try the brew so that you’re not the only one with onion breath.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Enough can’t be said about this miracle brew. Apple cider vinegar is the cure to many ailments according to many research reports. Full of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium it helps to relive joint pain.

Mineral deficiencies are often the culprit for joint pain. The calcium will help to build up the bones and the potassium can help the bones to infuse more of the calcium. Thus, the apple cider vinegar is an ideal solution.

Simply combine one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with your favorite juice or a glass of water. Cherry juice is an ideal choice as it has many antioxidants that will help to reduce inflammation.

Drink it down and see if you don’t feel some relief. Reminder: it’s best to choose unfiltered apple cider vinegar. This can be purchased in many grocery stores and in health food stores.

When using the apple cider vinegar you can drink it three or more times per day for best results. Use up to three teaspoonfuls if desired.

 Natural Remedies For Joint Pain

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has long been known to reduce inflammation and pain from joint injuries. Rich in anthocyanins which can help to reduce inflammation you can find cherry juice in the juice aisle of both the freezer section and juice section of your local grocery store.

Many users believe that cherry juice works better when combined with apple cider vinegar or honey. Try it both ways to see which way seems to work best for you and your specific joint pain.

Massage Therapy

There are many great massage therapists out there who know well how badly joint pain can affect someone. Consider finding a massage therapist that deals frequently with painful conditions such are arthritis and joint pain.

There are many carrier oils that a massage therapist can use and they can include such things as your favorite essential oils (lavender is calming and soothing to pain) as well as apple cider vinegar (which is an excellent massage “lotion” as well.


Consider a hot soak in apple cider vinegar, your favorite essential oils (again, lavender) or even Epsom salts. The heat will soothe sore joints and the apple cider vinegar, essential oils or the Epsom salts will help to ease sore joints.

For the apple cider vinegar mix it into about six to eight cups of water and soak the affected body part. For the essential oil simply add in a few drops before soaking. The Epsom salts can be added one half cup at a time.

These soaks can also be done as a hot bath in the evening before bed. This can help to tone the muscles and ease painful joints preparing you for a good night’s slumber.

Honey Water

Add one to two teaspoonfuls of honey into a mug and add in some boiling water. Sip this down and prepare for a bit of relief from joint pain. You can also add in some apple cider vinegar, lemon or even ginger for more relief.

Many people swear by a cup of tea with honey in it as well to ease joint pain. Remember, if you’re drinking this before bed you’ll want to opt for an herbal tea that won’t have the caffeine to keep you up at night.

 Natural Remedies For Joint Pain


Pay your chiropractor a visit and see if they can’t help to ease some of the pain. A chiropractor can relive pressure points on the joints and help to treat muscle spasms that are causing pain. A simple spinal manipulation can help to reduce the spasms and ease the pain.

Always be sure to let your chiropractor know which medications you’re on and the exact nature of your pain. Your chiropractor should have this information before he or she treats your condition.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes a physical therapist can show you new ways to do old things. These new ways can help you to use those sore tender joints less and how to rely upon other body parts that may not hurt as much. They can also help you to learn exercises that will strengthen your body and joints so that you don’t have to suffer as much pain.

Assistive Devices

Many people find relief in such things as walking with a cane, wearing a brace or splint on the affected joint and even shoe inserts. This can help to keep weight evenly distributed and helping you to take a lot of the pain away. When you walk you can learn to lean differently and place your weight differently for relief.

Creams And Rubs

There are a variety of topical creams and rubs that you can use to ease your joint pain. Many are very strong smelling with menthol. They work for a short time to relieve pain and ease the symptoms.

They are available under a variety of names at most pharmacies and some grocery stores. Capsaicin cream is made from hot chili peppers and will help to relieve joint pain. It may burn slightly at first but then it seems to warm the nerves and joints and help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Tens Machine

Electricity is a great way to relieve pain. A TENS machine or trans cutaneous electrical stimulation system places electrodes on specific nerves near an affected joint. You then turn the machine on and it stimulates the nerves with a jolt of electricity. You can control the voltage and it can help to ease the pain. There are several different types of tens machines and many offer up a variety of options.

There is even an electro acupuncture machine that will use needles on the acupuncture points. Both can offer up some short term pain relief for your aching joints.


The more you know about your condition, the more you can treat it. Often knowledge is the best weapon of all when treating joint pain. If you know that certain situations cause you joint pain you can then avoid them. If you know that specific foods cause you to ache later, you know to avoid those foods.

Read everything that you can find on joint pain and remember that you’re learning about it will help you to stop the pain before it starts. Consider asking your doctor for more information when you visit so that you can better understand your condition and what to do about it.

Many people have found a great deal of relief from joint pain by using one or more of the all natural methods suggested above. By combining more than one method they are often able to control their pain and discomfort enough to get relief for walking and sleeping.

Always check with a doctor prior to using any supplements, especially if you’re already taking any medications as many of the supplements will interact in a negative way with pharmaceutical medications. Treating joint pain may be trial and error for a time. If one method doesn’t work try another. Often it takes a combination of several for the best results.


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