how to stop eating sugar completely

Why should you subtract sugar from your life?

 how to stop eating sugar completely

Everyone wants sweetness in their life. Sugar is the basic element that adds sweetness in everyone’s life and food.

Not only sugar is important for fulfilling our temptation, yet, it is also necessary for carrying out the normal functions of the body efficiently and smoothly. But, it doesn’t mean that you just eat or drink sugary foods as much as you can.

Sugar is the soluble carbohydrate, used in many foods. Yes, the flavor of sugar is unbeatable, but, it can be dangerous for you if taken inappropriately.

In the latest studies, it is proved that instead of using sugar in your foods; try to replace it with other healthier versions of the sweeteners.

The nutritionists and practitioners are warning about the excessive consumption of the sugar due to its detrimental effects on your overall health.

Taking the sugar in lower amount is somehow acceptable, but it shouldn’t be on a daily basis, you should find out the alternate of the sugar.

Make sure that your selected form of sugar function as a normal sugar does (converting into glucose), but much lower in calories.

Let’s have a detail discussion about why excessive sugar is not good for your health.

1- Sugar is rich in calories and poor in minerals and vitamins

Added sugar in your food is the high source of calories and it doesn’t contain any minerals and vitamins.

Though, it is agreed that without the glucose, our energy reservoirs can’t be filled up, but the fact is added sugar are mainly the empty calories, having less nutritional benefits.

Do you ever think that why you love sodas, candy bars, pastries, and cookies? Well, let me reveal the fact, the reason is because it is mostly contained in the high amount of sugar, composing the greater empty calories.

So, try to add the fruit syrup in your food to make it tastier and getting the sweet flavor!


2- Sugar contributes to diabetes

Up till now, you would have heard that obesity is the main culprit causing diabetes, but, the recent studies confirmed that taking too much sugar in your diet can contribute to the development of diabetes.

Consuming one can of soda in a day can increase the diabetes development up to 1.1%. Since diabetes is thought to be the slow poison, you really won’t want to suffer from diabetes in the entire life.

If you’ve a strong family history of diabetes, then, just start avoiding sugar as much as possible and increase your physical activity to prevent diabetes.

3- Sugar promotes imbalanced gut flora

Do you’ve a sugar addiction? Well, the bad news about you is over dosage of the sugar can alter the gut flora. So, what gut flora is all about?

Gut flora is the gastrointestinal microorganisms helping in the successful digestion of the food. If your gut flora is disturbed and imbalanced, it will directly affect the way you digest your food.

Hence, minimize the sugar intake to protect your gut flora!

4- Sugar promote impaired memory and learning

Confused after reading this? Yes, it is mentioned above that you need glucose for the proper functioning of the systems and organs of the body, but, the quantity matters a lot over here.  High consumption of sugar would alter your hormonal messages; as a result, you won’t get the stop signal.

A UCLA study revealed that the high fructose diet can impair your ability of memorizing and learning. So, instead of paying too much attention to ‘what is in desert?’ go for the citrus fruits!

Sugar escalates aging process

5- Sugar escalates aging process

If I ask that do you want to get older? You would surely move your head left and right and say NO. But, hey, wait! You’re accelerating your aging process if you can’t live without eating the sugar.

According to the endocrinologist, Robert Lustig MD and author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds against the Sugar, Processed Food, obesity and Disease,’ fructose is seven times more potential to release free radicals, causing cell damage and death. Also, it contributes in the chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

So, quit sugar to live a longer life! 

6- Sugar promotes the fat deposition in liver

Whenever you munch any sugary food, it goes all the way to the liver to be metabolized.

After doing any vigorous activity, like running, your liver glycogen will be depleted and at that time, the stored fructose is used.

But, thanks to the makers of fancy foods, we all so abundant with the glycogen that we rarely go through with the above mentioned condition.

When your liver metabolizes the fructose in high quantity, it would start turning it into fat. Consequently, the fat will be stored more and you’ll develop the Non-Alcoholic fatty Liver Disease.

7- Sugar affects your cholesterol and triglycerides

Some of the excessive fat in the liver is shipped out as the Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL), which is extremely bad for your overall health.

Preferring higher uptake of sugar can lead to the increment in the blood triglycerides and fat in the abdominal area.

If this continues, it may manifest as a metabolic syndrome later on, which is also a stepping stone towards heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and poor quality of life.

8- Sugar increases the risk of cancers

Greater you consume sugar, greater would be a risk of ovarian, endometrial and esophageal cancer. As cancer increases the mortality and morbidity ratios, you should cut off sugar from your life.

Sugar leads to heart disease

9- Sugar leads to heart disease

In a study conducted in 2014, it is concluded that those who consumed sugar around 25% higher have double the risk of heart disease.

Your heart is the major blood pumping organ and if it functions not properly, your life could become miserable. So, decide rather you will want to take the excessive sugar in your diet or not.

10- Sugar causes resistance to hormone leptin

Our fat cells secrete leptin. So, more fat is the indication of more leptin in your body. Excessive sugar offer resistance to the leptin hormone, sending signals to the brain that fat cells are empty. Hence, we eat more and more sugar and become obese.

In the healthy individual, the leptin level should be low, but, people who are obese have higher leptin levels. As we know that obesity is the mother of all diseases, we all should try to cut its risk factor eventually.

So, keeping the sugar intake in moderation or adding the substitute of fructose in our diet is the best idea to prevent the sugar harms. Hence, say goodbye to sugar from today!



  1. I’m guilty of being a sugar lover!! I enjoy cake, chocolate, donuts, coffee, etc. Spacing out these treats has helped me cut down the sugar intake. #4 was my biggest side effect. Whenever I go overboard with the sugar, I’m no good for getting work done. It’s also interesting to learn how many other foods have sugar in them and we aren’t aware. Fruit juice is delicious but packed full of sugar. This is article is worth sharing with others. We all need to be cautious of how much sugar we’re eating. The food and drinks are delicious but not worth risking our health.

  2. Sugar also can cause vitamin and mineral issues because the body needs to use up more energy stores to digest man made sugar. There is nothing wrong with real sugar found in fruit and such but when you over do it with the man made junk, it will not only age you on the outside but the inside as well!

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